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What are online learning platforms?

I need to know the meaning of online learning platforms and how they are important in transforming education systems. I also need information on the meaning and importance of online career schools so that I can be able to make informed decisions on the type of tertiary education I can pursue in future. I have heard that there are a number of best online learning sites but I haven’t been able to get comprehensive information on the subject. I need to know how I can access outstanding online learning sites as well as how I can choose a good distance education university.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on January 10, 2018

An online learning platform can be said to be an integrated collection of interactive online services which provide trainers, students and other individuals involved in education with resources, information and tools to enhance and facilitate education management and delivery. E-learning  platform is an indispensable component of e-learning. It can be regarded as the software which offers the technical infrastructure upon which e-learning can be conducted. Nonetheless, you should note that there is no universally accepted description of what e-learning platforms actually are. Different authors may offer varying definitions, but all must revolve around a number of activities that online learning systems should support.

First of all, e-learning depends on technology. It requires network infrastructure, hardware and software. Most current e-learning environments are Web-based. In case you need a university for your distance learning, you should strongly consider its Internet learning platform. Examine the platform’s functionality and reputation accorded by students and employers. The e-learning platforms functionalities typically entail accessing learning content and tests, collaboration and communication tools for students, as well as assessment facilities and course management resources for instructors. Most internet learning platforms include administrative functionality interfaces which in most cases are known as campus management systems. The interfaces are used to check, control and direct student life cycle that encompass student admissions and enrollment.

There is a lot you need to know about the best online learning site for you studies. Primarily, you should understand that it is a site through which you can pursue your studies from home or any other place away from school. It can give you access to teaching and learning in an institution and sometimes the site itself is a virtual institution. Examples include accredited collages like Code.Org and Code Academy offered by MIT. Through online sites you can acquire professional expertise that is necessary in propelling your career. Some of these institutions also award certificates upon the completion of a particular course.

An online career school is a vocational or trade school for adult students who desire to pursue a particular career or trade path. Online career institutions offer programs for students who seek to gain skills for specific occupations. Programs usually lead to a certificate of completion as opposed to a degree or a diploma which often lasts anywhere from several weeks to a few of years. Career school programs concentrate on only the skills required to prepare students for entry-level jobs in their preferred area of specialization, and professional licensure if it is necessary. A career education is designated for occupations which require technical skills.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

I agree that online learning platforms are frameworks of tools which work seamlessly as an entity to deliver a centric learning experience to a student through unifying educational practice and theory, content and technology. They can also be referred to as the next generation of Learning Management Systems and Virtual Learning Environments employed by educational institutions. To me an internet learning platform is a CoursePark Platform on which various educational web based packages can be executed. A learning platform is intended to facilitate and interoperate with different social and learning applications, as opposed to just an extension to the enterprise system. An excellent learning platform is a great foundation for quality long distance learning. It is designed around the learners, offering them a sense of identity which is maintained across the learning lifecycle. A learner is not just a pre-defined role with assigned access levels in a course, but he or she is the central actor in the system schematics. Internet learning platforms enable the discovery of instructional materials and user-generated resource, and it is the backbone of every good online learning site.

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