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What are online courses for credit?

I am a leader of a youth empowerment group in my hometown. Our group mainly consists of college students, high school finalists, and young entrepreneurs. My main responsibility is to chair the organization and avail information regarding current education issues to my fellow group members. I wish to educate them about online courses for credit especially their meaning and how they can be accessed. In addition, I am preparing a script that can be posted on our website regarding advantages of UCLA online course and ways through which students can access online Spanish courses for college credit and online summer college courses for credit. I will be so glad if someone can provide me with assistance on the above subjects.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on June 21, 2018

Generally, an online credit course is designed for learners who wish to earn college or high school credits towards a certificate or degree. This course is purely taken through online learning system (OLS) and in most cases takes a full academic year or semester. At the end of every semester students who pursue credit courses are awarded letter grades designated as A, B, C, D and F. Learners can interact with their instructors, take notes during virtual class sessions, complete assignments and take exam tests within scheduled timelines. You will have the option to get a head start with your lectures and readings, and you will be able to communicate with your tutors and fellow students via emails, discussion boards and phone. Credit awards will demonstrate that a student has taken the course for the required number of hours per semester and that he or she is eligible for graduation.

UCLA online courses have many advantages when compared to on-campus programs. Below I have outlined a number of advantages of choosing the University of California-LA:

  • It’s obvious that college education requires a lot of money at the present time. You will need to pay for tuition fees, accommodation, activity fees, cafeteria meals, textbooks as well as miscellaneous expenses. However, when you enroll for UCLA online programs, you will only need to pay a fraction of tuition fees and save the rest for other activities.
  • Online classes are less intensive since you will not have to show for class sessions and adhere to the busy school routines.
  • Easier attendance since everything is done as per your schedule.
  • You will enhance your self-discipline since you will teach yourself how to make every decision regarding your personal studies and examinations.
  • It is easy to get access to your teachers since all communications are done online.
  • UCLA allows you to take prerequisite classes over summer or during weekends and also transfer your credits to another university which can tremendously reduce the time taken to complete schooling.
  • You can always keep working as you study

To access an online Spanish course for college credit, you will need to research on the different schools or universities that offer best Spanish courses. You will also have to evaluate the school’s online learning system to evaluate if it is well resourced to accommodate your study needs. In the end, you will have to apply for consideration in two or three schools that you prefer. Ensure that you have all the required documents needed for admission.

In conclusion, accessing online summer college credit courses follow the same methodology as Spanish online courses. The most important thing is to find a reputable college that you can afford. 

Cynthia Bakera year ago

Online courses for credit offer students the opportunity to study comfortably while at the same time doing other important things in life. I fully concur with the above answer concerning different online studies and how they can be accessed. Traditionally, most people have had to quit their jobs to study for college degrees. However, at the moment, technology has availed almost every learning opportunity to the comfort of our homes. We no longer have to worry about juggling school work with the demands of school, family, finances and work since everything can be streamlined according to our availability, organization and budget.

Regarding credit courses, students mainly in the United States and Canada are awarded credit hours depending on the weekly contact hours in class which is commonly referred to as Semester/Term Credit Hours. Contact hour include all lecture and lab sessions when the teacher is instructing or coaching the student. A term/semester credit hour consists of 15-16 hours of contact which translates to about 3 hours per week. 

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