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What are NAFSA conferences?

I am working as an international student advisor. I came to know that NAFSA association is a great network of people working in the field of international education and that it offers great opportunities for its members to grow their career through training, networking opportunities and other useful resources. Now, it is my wish to attend a NAFSA regional conference. What are NAFSA regions and how many NAFSA regions are there? Can you provide me with some information on when and where these NAFSA regional conferences will be held? How are they going to benefit me in my career?

James Washington

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on May 16, 2018

In the United States, NAFSA membership is based on eleven geographic regions the members belong to. The arrangement is as follows. Region one contains Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Region two covers Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. The areas under Region three are Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Region four consists of Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, and South Dakota. While Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin come under Region five, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio belong to Region six. Region seven covers a large number of places ranging from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The territory of Region eight includes Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.  While New Jersey and New York come under Region ten, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont belong to Region eleven. Finally, Region twelve covers California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Pacific Islands. You have to select the NAFSA region according to your place of residence.

Each region holds its annual conference in the fall. These conferences are a great opportunity for people to learn about the latest trends in the field and to meet accomplished people. In addition, it offers a chance to network with people in the same field and discuss issues that affect your work and find easy solutions.

Now, here is a list of the NAFSA regional conferences. For region one, the conference will take place from October 16 to 19 at Vancouver, BC Canada. For Region two, the starting date is 22 October and it lasts until October 26. It will be organized at Lincoln, NE. In Region three, it will take place from October 28 to 31 at Little Rock, AR. While the conference of Region four is scheduled for October 15 to 18, that of Region five is October 17 to 19. In Regions six to eight, the conference will take place in November. For Region six, it is November 4-6, and for seven, it is November 11-14. The last conference in November will take place in Region eight, where it is scheduled for November 6 to 9. Regions ten, eleven and twelve, the dates are October 29-31, 22-25, and 15-19 respectively.

For a detailed list of venues and timings of NAFSA regional conferences, you can use the link The conference is the best conference for people who wish to make networks and grow professionally in the field of international education. Don’t miss the chance. 

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

I have been a member of NAFSA for the last five years. I am really proud to be a member of such a great association that values its members very much. As I started out as a study overseas adviser, I would admit, there were so many areas of this field about which I had very little idea and I used to have a tough time giving the right advice to students. It was at that time that one of my colleagues suggested me to join this association. Frankly speaking, I was very reluctant to join an association as I thought it would be a waste of money and time. However, I was in real need of some support in the field and I was getting it from nowhere, and this made me join the association. In fact, NAFSA surprised me with its capabilities and power. I got everything I wanted for growing in my profession, ranging from professional advice, opportunities to meet achievers in the field, great workshops and training, and many more. If you are in the field of international education, I would strongly suggest you join this association. 

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