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What are my chances of being shortlisted for the Berkeley study abroad program given that I studied abroad in high school?

I have just concluded high school wants to join Berkeley study abroad. What are my chances of getting selected given that I had already attended elsewhere study program while in high school? What kind of programs do they have for those willing to study abroad? Do they have plans such as winter break study abroad program for their students? What do they do to ensure that the students studying abroad enjoy their time there? I would like to hear from someone who has ever learned under any of their programs.

Whitney Matthews

in Study Abroad

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on March 12, 2018

When it comes to the selection of those eligible for Berkeley’s study abroad, your previous experience at high school does not count. Instead, the university has an office that deals with responding to applications by students. The university is in charge of handling all undergraduate cases, and individual schools or colleges have no role to play. The university encourages students to apply in advance especially in their first. It is so unfortunate that most students discover it is too late to apply for abroad program when they are in their senior years in the college.

The university offers study abroad programs in various options. Some of the programs are the summer and the winter study abroad programs. The courses offered in these programs are led by the Berkeley faculty. Students get credit while studying abroad. They also get a chance to live and study with fellow students in the same program. They interact with people from different cultural backgrounds in the countries that they go. The programs are open to all students from the various colleges and international students too. Different programs last for different times. Some programs continue for 1-3 weeks, others one semester, while others may be over a year long.

The college has put in place measures to ensure that any student studying abroad has a smooth life away from home. In terms of finance, students can apply for a scholarship in any of the programs available. The college encourages students to apply for a scholarship when applying for the various programs. If a student applies and successfully gets selected in multiple applications, one must confirm the one he prefers and drop all others.  Scholarships have played a key role in reducing the cost of such trips to students. Moreover, more students have been able to enroll in such programs than it would have been without a scholarship.

Since I was once a beneficiary of this program, I can say it played a vital role in shaping my life in college and my career at large. I met people from other countries and also experienced learning in a different environment. Studying abroad is very enjoyable as demonstrated by your desire to continue going overseas due to the experience you have had at high school. In college, you will have more freedom in terms of how you will be spending your time in the host country. Don’t be afraid that your previous experience is not being considered; you still stand a chance of getting enrolled in the program if you are interested.

Brian Warnera year ago

I think the Berkeley study abroad program is one of the greatest in terms of the options they provide to their students. Despite the fact that a lot has been put in place to make your time in another country enjoyable, much remains on your part. You need to familiarize yourself with the languages and cultures of the country you are visiting. Another essential advantage I discovered with Berkeley’s program is that your stay abroad does not interrupt your academic calendar. The courses offered in the abroad program are the same ones offered at the university. As a student, this is vital in that you get a chance to experience life outside your country while still going on with your studies. I would encourage you to apply for the program irrespective of the course you are taking. While a student there, I got a chance to visit the Czech Republic and I can say I had such a great experience. I can recall participating in various cultural activities in the country. It is when I was there that I connected with my current employer.

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