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What are LMU study abroad programs all about?

Do I as a student need to study abroad? Are there genuine cases that would push me to undertake LMU top study abroad programs in a foreign country? The answer is yes… sometimes in life circumstances like relocation of parents or a guardian, career opportunities, and other personal issues may drive a person to study in foreign land despite the high cost of studying abroad.

I have to weigh the available options and among them is the LMU study abroad program. How it works, who qualifies and the process of accessing it are some of the issues that I need to find out. Then I can make an informed choice.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on March 16, 2018

Students who wish to get financial assistance so that they can enroll in any LMU study program have a requirement to meet with financial aid counselor before they leave. The counselor is required to discuss with the student the financial help available on the basis of the best study program abroad they wish to enroll in.

Below are requirements for those who wish to access financial aid

  • Only students undertaking a degree course at LMU are entitled to financial aid. The nature of the study abroad program attended and the type of financial aid you receive at the main campus also determines your eligibility.
  • The program whose units will be transferred at LMU is the only one that will receive financial aid.
  • If you were previously studying abroad, submission for financial aid documents should be done before the beginning of the following academic year. Withdrawal from the study abroad program should be communicated in writing to the study abroad office.

In addition, students who wish to ease the expenses of studying abroad may also apply for alternative loans or Federal Direct Parent plus loans if one did not get the maximum amount for the year which is 3500$ for the freshmen, 4500 for sophomore and 5500 for junior and senior.

Financial aid for those in the LMU overseas study program is the same with those studying at LMU campus. A minimum of 2.0 grade point and a minimum of 10 units if studying full-time must be achieved and proof of the same forwarded to the Registrar at LMU’s office when a coursework is completed. Failure to do this will put the release of financial aid for the following term on hold.

Policies that govern LMU Study abroad program

  • Abide by LMU’s conduct code for the student because, disciplinary probation may deny one a chance to study abroad.
  • All students must be committed in their own part of the deal to make the program a success. This is in relation to fees application, scoring the minimum grade, programming inclusion and the withdrawal policies.
  • While applying for an LMU study abroad program, ensure you are cleared by the Student Accounts office as its part of the eligibility process.
  • Submission of an international insurance cover card is also needful before one is allowed to travel. This will ensure that the student is covered against accidents and sicknesses while abroad.
  • Every participating student must obtain the immigration documents required in regards to their stay abroad. These include a valid passport, a visa and any other procedures required by the host country.
  • If a student is expelled from LMU study abroad program, it may result to total loss of academic accreditation for the program and all costs paid will be lost.

Olive Wilsona year ago

I totally agree that the cost of taking studies in a foreign land is beyond the reach of most of the students and financial aid is the only option. However…..

There is need to comply with the set rule and a regulation for the LMU study abroad program if one wishes to reap its full benefits. Working hard to get the minimum grade is the key to getting this monetary aid to ease a student’s stay in foreign land. If this is not done, a top study abroad program might just go to waste when the aid is withdrawn. Adhere to the set deadlines too to avoid being locked out of the program as the extra funding is vital for meeting the cost of studying abroad. If every student who gets a chance to access this fund excels, the management of Loyola Marymount University will never think of withdrawing this golden offer of help.

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