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What are five essential requirements for creating a government? Food should be grown within the government's borders. The government should assist in trade. Leadership is needed. Production must increase every day. A standing army should be ready. Production and sustenance must be provided daily. Safety is a priority. Law and order should be maintained. The government should have a goal. Boundary lines must be drawn.

Bethany Evans

in Social studies

1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on April 18, 2018

I think the answer is: Leadership is needed. ( to understand the chain of command and the identification of persons who are eligible to take the final decision for the community), Security is a priority. (in order to remove potential threats and make people feel safe to live in the community)of the Act and the order must be maintained. ( in order to ensure that there would be chaos in the society and all the problems could be resolved in a peaceful way)The government should have a goal. ( in order to ensure the country's growth and improve the general welfare of the people)Boundary lines should be drawn.( in order to separate ourselves with other governments and determine the right of use of natural resources)

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