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What are federal grants?

At the moment, I am experiencing difficulties in paying my tuition fees and other expenses associated with my studies. I will appreciate a lot if anyone can educate me regarding the meaning of federal grants. I also wish to be provided with useful information concerning funding for college students that can help me to access financial aid easily. Lastly, I will be grateful if someone can help understand the requirements that I need to fulfill before I am eligible to get a grant.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on September 11, 2018

Over 50 percent of students across the globe rely on student finance aids to finance their studies. In the United States, the federal and state governments in collaboration with different agencies provide scholarships, study loans and other financial help to needy and bright students enrolled in different colleges and universities across the country. There is a lot of information concerning college students’ funding. More information can be found at the Federal and State Departments of Education.

A federal grant is one of the commonest means through which a student can use to pay for his or her tuition fees. It can be described as an economic aid or an award of money provided by the US government. The award can be a loan, funding for specific projects, research or undertakings or organizations’ costs. The money used for the aid is usually cut from the net federal revenue. However, it is not only the federal government that can provide grants. Other institutions including non-profit charities, non-profit agencies/corporations and foundations offer different types of grants from time to time. The United States Government provides approximately one thousand grants to qualified individuals and enterprises. The grants are distributed by twenty-six authorized grant agencies which are divided into twenty-one different categories.

As a student who is seeking a grant to facilitate your education, it is important to note that grant categories vary extensively and are usually designed for specific needs and development areas. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the different types of grants and apply for the ones that you meet their eligibility criteria. Sample need/development areas entail:

  1. Arts
  2. Business & Commerce
  3. Disaster relief
  4. Housing
  5. Humanities
  6. Science and technology
  7. Education

To start your application, identify the category that suits your specific need. There are two main keys to eligibility that you should know. They include:

  • Register an account at
  • Review the legal eligibility depending on the funding opportunity.

In most cases, the grant-awarding bodies define eligibility in the instructions. If you fail to examine the grant requirements carefully, you may end up wasting a lot of energy and time applying for a grant that you don’t qualify for.

You can always get grants to support your studies and other related expenses. Just ensure that you properly define your objectives, needs and impacts that you are going to bring in your community or society.

Eric Bates2 years ago

In the current era, where education and technology define almost everything, it is always important to ensure that you stay updated on the things that matter regarding your education welfare. The above text is highly informative and provides very insightful information concerning federal grants. Normally, when it comes to getting funds, it is important to note that grants fall into two general categories that include:

  • Pass-through
  • Direct

In direct grants, you will receive the funds directly from the federal government, without any intermediary being involved. Here, you will only need to submit a single application and then sign subsequent agreements with the national government. In pass-through grants, the money is first sent to state governments which will, later on, distribute the funds to the applicants.

Initially, it is always quite challenging to determine the type of grants that you qualify. The first step in pursuing a grant is narrowing down the particular fields of interest. All potential applicants are encouraged to search through the extensive government grants database and after that narrow down their searches thy using:

  • Applicant type
  • Subject area
  • Assistance type

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