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What are elementary school science fair projects?

Last week, I received a newsletter from my son’s school that said that I was welcomed to attend elementary school science fair projects presentations. I really do not understand what this statement means, and I will be so happy if someone can provide with any information that can help know what it is. In addition, I will appreciate if anyone can tell me about the composition and responsibilities of a science fair board. Lastly, I am told that my son is supposed to participate in the science fair and that I am supposed to prepare for the event. Therefore I wish to be advised on how to get good project ideas that will be appropriate for my son.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on October 25, 2018

Elementary schools science fair projects are scientific exhibitions meant for young children who are in the 1st to 6th grades. In some countries, the fairs may include children who are in the 7th or 8th grades. During these science presentations, children mainly present some projects in scientific subjects although in some cases math and art-related projects are also accepted. These fairs, which are also called expos, are held periodically. It could come once in a term or in some cases once in a year. The competitions can either be among students in the same school (intra-school competition) or may involve different schools (inter-school competition).

In most cases, children are supposed to present projects that address the on-going challenges and emerging issues. The projects are also targeted at demonstrating the level of understanding students have on particular topics. In some contexts, children may be required to combine knowledge from different areas such as home, school, and the environment. Educators are encouraged to organize these events more regularly to enhance creativity, innovation, speaking and listening skills as well as develop the spirit of healthy competition among children from different backgrounds.

As a parent, you are encouraged to attend the school science fairs so that you can motivate your child to do better during the presentation as well as appreciate the little things that they are doing. If you are good enough, you should take time and help your son with his preparation. Try and contribute some useful information that can make his project better than those of other students. Great ideas for projects that are suitable for elementary school fairs can be found at any schools’ intellectual property center. Alternatively, you can search online for ideas on how to design simple projects for school going children. Once you find a good project online, revamp it so that it can align with this year’s science exhibition theme. Most importantly, ensure that your child understands the core areas of his project.

Science fair boards are usually made up of individuals, mainly teachers and lab instructors from different institutions within the school district. The key positions in the board include the chair, general secretary, finance secretary, organizing secretary and their assistants. The boards’ main responsibilities include planning, supervising and managing all science expos within their particular school districts. In addition, they appoint the various judges that will be in charge of the presentation processes, distribute presentation schedules, reward top performers, pay judges and prepare the topics of the projects.

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

Education has many purposes, and one of them is to bring children from different racial, ethnic, financial and social backgrounds together. Due to varying demographics, it is possible to find that only some children with the similar backgrounds are found in the same school. However, through having events that can bring children from different locations together, we get to give them a single platform through which they can discuss, argue, share ideas and compete as students. I agree that elementary school science fair projects give young children a wonderful opportunity to create projects, enhance their knowledge, exchange ideas on various scientific matters that are crucial in changing our society. I also believe that these science fairs are a great pillar of education that promotes a healthy social life, democracy, and academic excellence.

It is good for parents to attend such events since they inspire their children towards winning. Throughout my life, I can’t remember even a single day which I wanted to fail in front of my parents. I always wanted to make them proud.


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