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What are decent undergraduate Berkeley study abroad programs?

I’m searching for a good Berkeley study abroad program to finally visit another country. I think it will be great to combine studies with travels and don’t waste time. I know that many students studying abroad have time either for leisure or for work. I’m planning to combine these activities. So, I’m looking for a country with great universities and interesting places to visit. Can you advise me a few options? I do not like insects and snakes, so, I’m afraid, Australia is not for me. Are there many summer or winter break study abroad programs at Berkeley?

Amanda Johnson

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Justin Parker on May 8, 2018

I’m sure Berkeley abroad studies can offer you many decent options. You just have to determine where to begin your search. You can start with your major and look for destinations that offer such courses. Anyway, let’s look at some countries that may suit you. 

How about Italy? Big cities have decent universities there and the culture and art with exquisite here. Just imagine all those artists of the part pouring their inspiration into beautiful pieces of art in Italy. Everything there is filled with creativity and craft there. There are enough offers for this country to choose from. They are not only art and cuisine as well. Moreover, you can select a non-Berkeley program and follow it. Studying abroad in Italy is a good way to combine leisure and education.

There are many other European countries that can give you interesting sceneries and good universities. Germany, the Netherlands, France. All of them are a part of Berkeley international program. I think the best advantage you get while visiting any of these countries is that they are situated pretty close and you can explore half of Europe while studying. Every country has its own atmosphere of the old world.  Of course, if you come to study abroad for a winter break, you won’t get a chance to experience all these unique places. You should stay at least a semester or a year.

Another option I can suggest is Asia. It really doesn’t matter whether its Korea, China, or Japan. All of them are unique and very different from our own culture. It is a great opportunity to examine these nations while studying. You can learn many things from them. You can also share quite a lot of your own experiences.

These are only my suggestions. Here is a page where you can search all programs offers by Berkeley -

It often happens that studying abroad for students is like an adulthood exam. It teaches you independence and shows how good you can take care of yourself. This is a difficult challenge for all people.

That is why, I think, you have to take care of your financial situation beforehand. This is a webpage that will tell everything you need to know about getting abroad studies financial aid -

Jeffrey Rodrigueza year ago

I totally agree that dealing with your financial situation beforehand is obligatory. Do not waste all your saving on a program. Where will you get money for accommodation or your everyday expenses? I advise you to apply for federal or campus financial aid. Who knows, maybe you are lucky to get a scholarship or a grant. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office is there to help you. You can solve all your issues there. I’m sure that the department can find a flexible solution that will suit you both.

I think this issue will be unavoidable in your case considering your wish to travel and explore countries. Though some programs are affordable and won’t change your situation greatly, others are pretty expensive. And the life in big tourist cities is not cheap at all, especially for students who cannot work to extra money.

So, while you are searching for a good Berkeley study abroad program, visit the financial aid office.  

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