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What are CSU study abroad options?

I’m looking for an opportunity to go to other countries while I study. I think this can be a great experience. I’ve heard many good reviews about CSU study abroad programs. Are they really good? What worries me the most is the price such trip will have. Are they very expensive? I’m looking for an affordable international student exchange program in case the regular trips are too costly. Can you go to study in New Zealand, Australia or other far away countries? I like the beauty of their nature and would love to live in a green place.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on April 16, 2018

California State University offers many programs in the countries all over the world. Any student of this establishment can apply for International Program and go visit other places while studying. Most offers are meant for undergraduate students. However, there are a few exceptions that work with the graduates. If you are a lucky member of the CSU family, do not miss this chance. In addition, California Community College students also can take part in the programs.

CSU abroad studies are open to anyone who fits the eligibility requirements. One of the major restrictions concerns freshmen who cannot participate in CSU IP. So, you’ll have to wait to be a sophomore at least. While searching for a program, you can check the requirements for each one of them as the details may differ.

Some questions you may have are already covered by the official website of the university. Look here  These are the frequently asked questions that may help you greatly.

One of the advantages of going for those New Zealand studies that you crave is the price. These programs are affordable. The cost of a year abroad will be approximately the same as your regular fees. Depending on the currency exchange rate, accommodation prices, and the length of an academic year, the general sum may be a little higher or even lower. You will be surprised but some European countries are even cheaper but provide top-notch education that is valued all over the world.

The CSU application page requires you log in. After that, you can fill in the application form online and wait for the response. The whole process is simple and won’t take much time.

If you would rather take part in an international exchange program for students, California State University can help you to establish contact with 60 institutions worldwide. It has agreements for undergraduate students. Unfortunately, there are not always many places available. So, you should constantly monitor the options and look for an open opportunity.

Here is a list of programs that are currently available There are several countries that can suit your cultural preferences as abroad studies is an opportunity to learn new people and cultures in addition to acquiring new academic knowledge. You should think about the place you want to go to very carefully. Most programs are meant for a whole academic year abroad. Living in a place you don’t like for a year may be tiresome. Also, think about the language you want to study.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

I’m not really sure that we are speaking about the California State University here. CSU may mean Colorado State University. Speaking about studies in New Zealand, this would be a better choice. Colorado offers great programs all over the world. New Zealand is one of those countries that gain more and more popularity. Nature is so amazing there and the colleges are great. It’s obvious why people decide to go there.

Here is the advanced search page that will help you to choose the best offer -

The staff of abroad education programs is highly professional and can offer you good advice. There are also peer consultants that will gladly share their personal tales about studying abroad. They will inform you of possible issues and advantages. The best advice comes from people you have experienced it all for themselves.

No matter where you decide to look, you have to choose your options carefully and discuss financial issues beforehand.

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