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What are benefits of continuous learning to an entrepreneur?

I am interested in continuous learning if it is going to help me grow my business. I am a small business owner with a small workforce. I dropped out of college in my second year because I could not manage all the costs involved. So, understandably, I am not very knowledgeable about continuing education requirements. Since I started my business about one and a half years ago, I have been keen on strategies that can help me grow. What is continuing education? Can it help improve my business?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on June 11, 2018

I am an entrepreneur too, and I believe continuing to learn and being an excellent business person is very closely linked. However, this view is all-encompassing and doesn’t just mean formal education but also self-development. Some business people believe that continuously looking for knowledge is not necessary if the business is doing great.

Hence, when you start raking in a comfortable profit, you become complacent. Though relaxing and letting yourself flow with the business tide seems natural, it will not make you a great entrepreneur, seeking further knowledge will. Learning should be life-long.

Reasons why you should continue to seek knowledge through education:

  • You get to know new trends and practices in your field: every day, people develop a new, more convenient way of doing something. Therefore, if you don’t keep up with the current trends affecting your business, you might get left behind. Take at least an hour each day to read.
  • It can challenge your beliefs and ideas: remember, not everything you believe in may be right or sustainable even if it is working now. Self-development and education is a way to challenge your views and know if they stand the test of time.
  • Your strength your skill set: learning is an excellent way to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. With a new business, you will be great at what you do by learning efficient ways of doing it.
  • You become adaptable to inevitable changes: knowledge is power. Once you learn why you need to change something in your business, you will change much more efficiently. Ways you can start continuing education:
  • Go back to school: it is most direct advice anyone will give you. You can do a course online or attend an actual school. These days you can fix your classes to your schedule.
  • Subscribe to informative newsletters: you can subscribe to newsletters from reputable organizations, and you can receive them through email.
  • Purchase audio books and listen while working: who said you could not learn while working. If you want to study a particular course, you can choose audio classes. Listen while doing a boring or monotonous activity.
  • Make use of credible, free resources: though not every resource is excellent, there are numerous free courses online that are credible.

There are no requirements for continuing education, you can learn through various methods. You just need to keep at it to reap the benefits. Hope this will help! 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

I think continuous learning and CE differ. The first one encompasses education as well. However, CE is a type of learning that professionals do to get credit hours. These credit hours are a requirement by the government for licensing in fields such as nursing, engineering, and accounting.

You have also mentioned that you have employees. They form an integral part of business success. Therefore, as you learn, they should learn too. Encourage your employees to pursue further studies.  Most organizations offer incentives to employees to pursue further education such as paying part of their fees. You can also expose them to resources that will help to horn their skills.

Surveys show that when employees are exposed to further training, their productivity and fulfillment on the job also increase. Motivate them by doing things you wish them to emulate from you. 

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