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What are ACS student loans?

I’m currently looking for a student loan. I’ve heard about many types and names; there is a lot of information about most of them. However, I cannot find the full information about ACS student loans. The website only tells that the program offers help with student loans. It’s not very informative. I’d like to know something more detailed.

Can it consolidate private student loans? Maybe, I can go without another one after all. I’d like to hear your advice concerning this company and how it works. Also, do you know any useful tips on how to pay student loans?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on April 2, 2018

ACS stands for Affiliated Computer Services. The company works with the government to sign contracts with students. The case is, our government cannot issue all loans itself, it often borrows from private lenders. So, ACS is a part of many student loan agreements. If you have one, there is a great chance that you are already working with this company. An ACS student loan has its advantages. The first and the primary one is convenience. Their work is done by the specialists of the sphere. So, you have nothing to worry about when dealing with this program. It is very easy to work with it. Other benefits of ACS student loans are support and low interest rates.

Working with government, this lender has low rates that no other private lender can compete with. These offers are the most desirable among students. As for the support, the company takes care of its clients and is ready to help them in certain situations. The staff is ready to help students with loans-related questions. Moreover, if you cannot make a payment for some reasons, the company is ready to create solutions specifically for your situation. It also consolidates private student loans.

It may be strange that a lender is so reasonable and is ready to help. I think that the reason behind it is its name. ACS made its name as the most reliable private lender on the market and its name ensures its success. So, if there are many dissatisfied clients and rumors about it, the government can easily find another partner.  

I agree that its website could be done better though. It doesn’t all information we should know. Of course, there are useful bits for its clients, but we, beginners, have to search it all ourselves.

The case may be in a change of players. Now, ACS is known as Conduent. The company acquired ACS a year ago and promised some major changes. Unfortunately, they weren’t as smooth as its clients would like.

People were wondering how to pay a student loan they have following this change. Conduent had promised to keep things the same for the current clients but it turned out the opposite way. However, if you are new to it, you have nothing to worry about.

So, let’s see how it works. There are three types of repayment options including private loans, FFEL program loans, and CPS loans. All of them have their own perks which you can find on the Conduent website. There are various plans for them and the conditions also differ.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

There is not enough information on those repayment plans. I think that this topic is the most important when talking about any student loan program.

So, ACS (known as Conduent now) offers the following plans:

Graduate repayment plan. You start with small payments and make them bigger every month. This gradual plan offers you an easy beginning which is a really great option for students. This plan is often issued for 10 years.

Standard repayment plan. Well, the name tells all about this offer. Each month, you pay a fixed sum of money. This option is also available for ten years.

Finally, the last plan—extended repayment plan. The main difference of this ACS student loan is its “lifespan.” You can split your payments for up to 25 years. To qualify for this plan, you must borrow at least $30000.

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