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What age do kids start fifth grade?

Daniel King

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1 answer

James Washington on September 22, 2019

Since kids generally start kindergarten at the age of 5 years, then theywould 10 when they start 5th grade. But, this can vary, depending on your birthday, the court datefor from of the school in your state, and whether or not evergot back. The cut-off point is usually 1 of September, so if school starts in lateAugust as is done in many places, then the youngest studentswill still be 9, but I'm going to turn 10 in a couple of weeks not attending school starting. In some states, would be to make it possible for children to be9 for a couple months or even almost half of their 5th grade year.A couple of states don't even require a child to turn 5 untilDecember. In some cases, a child may already be 11 starting 5th grade. Thiscould happen if you ever had to repeat a school year. And insome states, the cutoff date is before school starts (as sometimein August, or it can be the 1 of September, if the school does not actuallystart until September), to ensure that no child continues to be 4 in their first day of kindergarten, so everyone has to be at least 5 to the oldest will already be turning 6. So by 5th grade, everyonewould have to be at least 10, and the oldest already be 11 on the first day of school.

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