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What affects school motivation?

Students develop different attitudes towards learning because of what they encounter. Motivation is imperative in any human life to get them to different levels. Individual motivation is effective when one understands his or her purpose. However, in schools, most students do not understand their purposes like they ought to. Self motivation for students is thus low and students can only depend on parents and teachers to motivate them to work to attain better grades. Schools form an integral part of students’ lives in motivation. Many schools are not attaining it. I want to know what affects school motivation.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Daniel King on August 17, 2018

The change we experience in life is directly proportional to the motivation we get. Our nature is structured in a way that responds to things of value and things that make us feel great. The knowledge of who we are increases with age and the experiences we encounter in life. The fact is that many students have not come to the full knowledge of who they are and that is why they need the motivation to put extra efforts to attain the goals of life.

Understanding how motivation works is essential for any person who puts the effort into motivating any group. The reason why most learning institutions do not achieve motivation at school is that they do not understand the needs of students. I have learned over time that for you to offer good guidance, it takes time to learn the client and guide in the direction of his or her aspirations that he or she has failed to achieve. Without identifying the main cause that warrants motivation, it is mere words. Schools fail to achieve the intended purpose because they do it as a thing that has to be done in any way.

The external environments possess challenges for individual’s motivation. The area we live in is capable of affecting us positively towards a particular direction or gives a negative impact on the same. Sometimes we say that schools have failed because we do not understand the environment that surrounds the students. When the environment is conducive, it is easy for students to get motivated. What students interact with on a daily basis influences them either positively or negatively. If a teacher whom many students hate does the motivation sessions, it will not matter to them whether the content is sound or not. They are more likely to switch off.

Self- motivation for students has to be an autonomous motivation. It is mostly because of the internal strain or pull. Students can get motivated when they have a pull for doing something that will make them feel great or achieve grades that will please their parents. Many schools fail to motivate the students when they do not understand the cry of their hearts. It is hard to know because most students do not open to share the experiences to get help. They hold on to many things that hold them captive hence the motivation is hindered.

Ronald Millera year ago

Issues like social life in most students life is the reason they get motivated or lack motivation. If their life is broken and no one is available to mend it, they take a different trajectory from what they are supposed to take in matters of education. They become frustrated and can no longer perform well. In this case, many parents will blame it on the school and institutions when the actual problem is the students. I feel that school motivation should be taken to new dimensions that will allow learners to interact with counselors so freely that they can open up to them on any matter. Working on a friendly base will be more beneficial than the student-professor experience. Bridging the gap can be achieved by having a good number of counselors in an institution who develop a personal relationship with as many students as they can. It is the perfect way to solve motivation issues in schools. 

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