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What activities can I undertake during the Computer Science Education Week?

I am Computer Scientist who is yet to get a full-time job. Over the past three months or so, I have been getting some part-time gigs here and there to keep myself occupied. It is from one of these part-time jobs that someone mentioned the upcoming Computer Science Education Week to me.
I could not press for more information on this issue since the person who mentioned it was in quite a hurry. So, can you offer me advice on the activities I can take on during this edweek as an educator?

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on October 25, 2018

There are many activities reserved for Computer Scientists and qualified educators who would like to offer educative sessions on multiple computer-related topics during the education week. These include the following:

Teaching the Code Hour

The Hour of Coding provides you with a rare and unique chance to offer coding lessons to students throughout the year. The lessons last for an hour and thus the name “Hour of Code.”I have been an educator in this program, and last time I did this, I used tutorials to offer my lessons. Students can access the tutorials using tablets, smartphones, “unplugged,” browsers, and tablets.

Here are some essential tips to help you teach this session if you decide to:

Prepare for your class adequately: Select the most appropriate tutorial for your students from the several that are provided (there are tutorials in over 20 languages). I recommend that you watch the tutorials beforehand to enable you to be in a position to help your scholars if they get stuck during the class. It is also essential to test the lessons on an array of devices to determine whether the sound and video work well. Moreover, get headphones for your students. Or, you can ask those with headphones to come with them. And lastly, remember to check out “congrats page” to view what the students will see when they finish the session.

Plan your class: Make sure that you plan based on the technology at your disposal. Get the students to partner up (pair programming) if the number of devices is not sufficient. This approach can work to your benefit as the students will assist each other thus reducing their reliance on you.

Teach from the front of the class: This approach will help to ensure that the students are attentive throughout the course. It will bar students from distractions that come with each student downloading their tutorial during the class.

Teaching Computer Science

Another activity you can do during the Computer Science Ed Week is to teach computer science. During this event, you will learn about This resource provides educators resources to offer computer science classes to students in middle and elementary school.

You will also learn how to use various applications such as Game Lab and App Lab to teach your students animations, how to create applications, and games using JavaScript coding language.
Hope this information provides useful guidance to you.

Craig Stewart2 years ago

In addition to these activities, there are some other things you can do during the Computer Science Education Week. You can offer inspiration to students. Many students might be disinterested in the subject due to various misconceptions they have regarding it. During this event, you can sign up as a motivator who will go on to dispel various myths and help students tackle bouts of demotivation that curtail the study and appreciation of computer science among students in the USA.
Another overlooked, but important thing you will be doing throughout the event is learning. I can bet my house that there are some concepts in the field that you are not conversant with yet. The college curriculum does not teach you everything. It seeks to set you on a path that puts you in a place where you can be proactive in your quest for knowledge in as much as computer science is concerned. 

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