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What activities are ideal for high school students during summer holidays?

I’m looking for summer break activities suitable for high school students.  Not particularly sure how to spend my holiday, I’m searching for suggestions to avoid being bored. I just started my holiday and realized that I have not gone out of the house for almost a week now.

I usually spend my long school holidays having fun with friends or watching movies. However, as this is the last summer break I will have a student, I wish to spend it in a better way. What activities would you suggest for the summer holidays?

James Washington

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on June 21, 2018

While it is okay to spend your summer holiday sleeping, watching movies or hanging out with your buddies, it is also essential to use part of your summer vacation doing something productive that will help prepare you for your future adult life. Did you know that participating in a productive activity during your school holidays improves your chance of getting into a good college or getting a great job in future? However, ensure you allocate ample time to do the things you love too!

Here are three suggestions for activities to keep you busy during summer:

Go to a summer camp

Summer camps for students in high school are designed to help participants acquire out of the classroom life skills and experience. Summer camps usually have specific themes such as cultural learning, wilderness survival skills, and so forth. These camps provide an intensive learning experience in a particular area of focus. How do you benefit from attending this summer break activity?

You get to gain new skills and improve on the ones you already have. Let’s say for example; you want to boost your language skills by taking on a new language. Attending a summer camp provides the best environment for learning in your area of focus. You will be in an environment surrounded by other like-minded people and away from distractions. Some summer camps include a bit of coursework whereas a participant; you get to receive academic credit. You can get information about summer camps happening this summer from your school. They are widespread in the US. The downside is that charges for these camps can be expensive with some summer camps poorly organized. If you are interested, make sure you gather enough information on the camp before enrolling.

Get an internship

In high school, getting an internship rather than a job during summer breaks help you gain practical experience in your career interest areas. An internship will most likely not come with a salary though; the experience you get is worth it. Contact organizations you are interested in to find out if they hire interns or visit your school’s career office to get information on available opportunities.


I have always said that there is power in volunteering. Volunteering is working for the community with no pay. There are dozens of places within your community that you could offer your services. It could be a local animal shelter, museum or hospital. The list is endless. 

Leigh Mann2 years ago

Just before summer holidays, your thoughts as a student are on how to spend the two months break. It could be a job, internship community service or classes to prepare for the following school year. How do you pick the most suitable activity for you?

Ask yourself these three crucial questions:

  • What goals do you have for your future?

For example, do you dream of getting into a top college in the country? Your goals should govern your choice of activity. Do you wish to get a good job after school? Start gaining work experience now.

  • What are your interest areas?

Doing something that is not just helpful but also enjoyable is the best way to spend summer.

  • How busy do you want your days to be?

Evaluate how many hours you wish to allocate to a particular activity and cancel out any activity that does not fit into your plan. 

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