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What abroad universities offer European studies courses?

Do you know any good universities that offer European studies courses for abroad students? To understand all the intricacies and study the issue fully, you have to view it from various angles. I want to find a university that provides the best courses on the subject. Studying the external and internal dimensions of Europe’s politics is a fascinating question that would be best taught in Europe itself. So, I’m looking for a summer or winter study abroad to learn the subject. I’d like to know your personal opinions and whether you have experience in this field. Do you know if there are any study abroad scholarships for minorities? What do you need to qualify for them?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on February 19, 2018

Okay, let us start with the abroad study scholarships for minorities. I know just a few options for you. The first one is TEAN's Full Ride Scholarship. The best thing about this abroad students funding is “full ride” meaning that you’ll to spend your money only on food, fancy European clothes, and bars. The worst part about it—only one student each year is granted the money. Yes, the chances are not great, but it won’t hurt to apply for it.

Another suggestion is IFSA-Butler’s UpFront Scholarship Program. Unlike the previous one, this program won’t cover the full cost of your tuition. However, there are some other benefits to it. UpFront scholarship allows students to tack the deposits and fly costs onto their accounts and cover the expenses later. This program actually works similar to loans. The great news is that more than one student are chosen each year. I’m sure there are more international scholarships for abroad studies that you can look into.

There are a few notable universities that offer the studies on European politics, influence, and culture. One of them is Maastricht University situated in the Netherlands. It offers a master’s program in European studies for people all over the world. This is a full-time two-year course that will provide you with a competitive degree that can be used to boost your CV greatly. The program includes both the regional development and international cooperation of Europe.  

Another notable establishment is located in Leicester, England. The country is famous for its top-notch educational entities; the University of Leicester is one of them. It offers a four-year Bachelor degree in European Studies. The course will combine the region’s politics with the classes on languages and culture. You can choose to study two languages that are taught by native speakers with colloquial insight. The whole program is rather flexible and students can create their own curriculums. It should consist of three main parts: languages, contemporary European politics, and option modules related to your chosen language. The university also has ties with some establishments in Spain, Italy, Belgium, and France meaning you can go there for a year or just a winter to study abroad as well. You can opt to work as a teaching assistant to improve your financial situation and get some funding.

The options are really numerous. These are only two best European studies universities that I know of. I’m sure that people will be able to suggest a few more options before you have to choose.

Kurt Pricea year ago

Some great universities you have there! But I’d like to add one more that I know of. Europa-Universität in Flensburg, Germany. The Master’s degree in European studies makes you learn, understand, and contribute to the future of Europe, and the whole world in general. It takes an in-depth look at Europe’s politics, economics, law, and cultures. The curriculum is divided into several themes with mandatory and elective modules. Students can choose specific studies for their studying plans. At the end of courses, students have to submit their papers and show how they can do scientific work.

Besides, the university also provides you with multiple job opportunities for graduates. In the future, many positions will be available to the students including public administration, private institutions, consultancy companies, non-governmental organizations.

Looking for European Studies abroad, don’t forget to pay attention to the city a university is situated in.

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