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Utility theory serves as a way to a. find out why firms produce what they do. b. increase the overall demand of consumers. c. decrease the overall level of output of a firm. d. determine the satisfaction recorded from the consumption of goods.

Cynthia Baker

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1 answer

1 answer

Theresa Perry on October 6, 2018

the correct answer is (D) : Determine the satisfaction of those recorded from the consumption of goods.Explanation: the Economy of the conception of that despite the fact that it is not possible to live the utility derived from an honest or service, usually achievable to rank the alternatives in order of preference for the buyer. Since this alternative is affected by the penalty and thus the financial gain to the buyer, the rational, the client does not pay in cash at a unit, the more sensitive of excellent service, unless your utility is a minimum of up to or greater than that of a unit of another good or service. Therefore, the value of an honest or service that is said of its utility and therefore the customer can rank his or preferences accordingly.

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