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Using the given data, calculate the rate constant of this reaction.

Chelsea Hayes

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Roger Moore on April 29, 2018

According to the attached image of the full question that you have missed:when the Rate = K [A]^x * [B]^zSo to get the rate that we have to get X & Zfirst, we chose two value of [A] that [changed] and [B] still constantthat appears in trial 1 and 3 SO that, we will use the Rate 1 and rate 3 and [A1] And[A3] and we can neglect [B] as it is constant:Rate3/Rate1 = ([A3]/[A1])^x0.0852/0.0213 = (0.62/0.31)^x4 = 2^x ∴ X = 2 - in the second place, we have to choose between the two, the value of [B] that [B] changed, and [A] be constant and that appears in the path 1 and 2, we use the rate of exchange of 1 &2, and [B1] And [ B2] and we can neglect [to] as it is constant:Rate 2 / Rate 1 = ([B2]/[B1])^z0.0213/0.0213 = (0.68/0.34)^z1 = 2^z ∴ Z= zero, SO that Rate1 = K [A]^2[B]^0 0.0213 = K * (0.31)^2 *1∴ K = 0.222 m^-1.S^-1

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