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Use ΔXYZ below to answer the question that follows: Triangle XYZ with sides YZ and YX intersected by line VW Which fact is not used to prove that XYZ is similar to VYW? A.) Angle Y is congruent to itself due to the reflexive property. B.) Angles ZXY and WVY are congruent due to the Corresponding Angles Postulate. C.) X, V, and Y are collinear points. D.) XY is a transversal line passing VW and XZ.

Cynthia Baker

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Karen Wright on January 26, 2018

The correct answer is:C) X, V and S are collinear points.Explanation:Three collinear points not long ago on a similarity of the test.In order to demonstrate the similarity, we want to prove that all the angles of a triangle are congruent to all the angles of the other triangle.The property reflexive, showing an angle is congruent to itself contributes to this.The Postulate of Corresponding Angles help to show that the angles are congruent.A cross can help to prove the angle congruence.Collinear points is going to prove that the angles add up to 180°, which will not help us to demonstrate the similarity between triangles.

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