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Use complete sentences to describe the relationship between sets A and B if A B. A = {8} B = {7, 8, 9} Will mark the brainiest i really need help! :(

Ashley Howard

in Mathematics

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on December 23, 2018

Set A is composed of a single member "8"Set B has three members of the "7", "8" and "9"and see how "8" is in both sets. We can say that the whole of A figure of the series B, or that the set a is A subset of set B, due to this fact. Consider the possibility of a Venn Diagram. Draw a circle representing set B. Fill in the circle with "7", "8" and "9". Then, draw a smaller circle around the "8" to represent this as the set A. Visually you can see that is inside of B completely. There are parts that are outside of the B. If you threw a dart and it landed in To, then we are also within B as well. This is the same as saying: "we've chosen the '8' out of a hat, so they came to A or a set B". So to summarize, it is a subset of B. Using mathematical notation, we could write this as . The "C" looking symbol (it's not really a (C) means "subset".

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