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Upon seeing the cataratas del iguazú, eleanor roosevelt exclaimed . the cataratas del iguazú were declared a world heritage site by

Kaitlin Dean

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1 answer

1 answer

Karen Wright on May 17, 2018

For the first question: the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, the seer the Iguazu Falls felt pity or disappointment in the American Cascades name the Niagara. The first lady said: "Poor Niagara". For the second question: The answer is on the UNESCO World Heritage of the humanity. Located in the Province of Misiones, in the Northeast corner of Argentina and adjoining the Brazilian state of Paraná, to the north, the Iguazú National Park it is one of the world's visually and acoustically most stunning natural sites for its huge waterfalls. It was one of the World Heritage List in 1984.

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