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Universal pet house sells vinyl doghouses and treated lumber doghouses. It takes the company 5 hours to build a vinyl doghouse and 2 hours to build a treated lumber doghouse. The company dedicates 50 hours every week towards building doghouses. It takes an additional hour to paint each vinyl doghouse and an additional 2 hours to assemble each lumber doghouse. The company dedicates 30 hours every week towards assembling and painting doghouses. Write a system of equations that represent the production time needed to build each doghouse and the prodution time needed for painting and assembling each doghouse. Use x to represent the number of vinyl doghouses and y to represent the number of treated lumber doghouses.

Melissa Norris

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Caroline Campbell on January 25, 2019

5x + 2y = 50 x + 2y = 30

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