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Two square pyramids have the same volume. For the first pyramid, the side length of the base is 20 in., and the height is 21 in. The second pyramid has a height of 84 in. What is the side length of the base of the second pyramid?

James Washington

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

James Washington on March 2, 2019

The volume of the pyramid of square base can be written as: V = in the First place, get the volume of the first pyramidV = ?s = 20.H = 21.V = V = 2800 in3Since, the volume of the two pyramids are the same, let's compare it with the equation 2 V = 2800 in3s = ?H = 84.By applying the formula:2800 = = s2 ⇒ combining like terms 100 = s2 ⇒ get the square root of both sides to obtain the value of the s10 = s ⇒side length of the base of the second pyramid

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