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Two push factors that caused African Americans to leave the South in the early 1900s were A.segregation and low wages. B.integration and Jim Crow laws. C.job opportunities and music. D.the Harlem Renaissance and literature.

Kevin Sutter

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1 answer

Jessie Thompson on November 18, 2018

The correct answer is (a) Segregation and low wages. A push factor is a condition that makes a person want to get out of a certain area. In this case, many African Americans wanted to leave the South in the year 1900, due to segregation and low wages. During this time, were separate facilities for African-Americans and whites. This includes schools, restauraunts, movie theaters, etc, These segregated facilities were very different, as most of the facilities for the white citizens were much more beautiful than those of the Afro-American citizens. Along with this, African-Americans are paid much less than white colleagues. These two factors contributed to that in African-Americans heading to the Northern states for more economic and social opportunities.

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