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Two people must have the same speed and velocity if A) they are walking toward each other at 2 m/s. B) they are walking away from each other at 2 m/s. C) they are jogging side by side at 5 m/s. D) they are jogging to two different destinations.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Jessie Thompson on December 8, 2018

Answer: The correct choice is C. Explanation:the Speed is defined as distance traveled per unit of time. It is a scalar quantity, which can be described by the magnitude alone.The speed is defined as distance per unit of time in a given direction. It is a vector quantity and the magnitude and the direction are needed to describe it.For two people to have the same speed and the speed, both must have the same magnitude and should move in the same direction.By this, the correct option will be C.

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