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Top ten school in Karachi?

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Eric Morgan on September 16, 2019

There are many schools that come in the list of the Top Ten Schools of Karachi and many of them have purchased to come no. 1, most of the people think that it is important to go to a big name of the school for the education of their children. The Top Ten Schools in Karachi are: for the 'O' levels 1. Karachi Grammar School (K. G. S) 2. Rhodene Academy only 8 years old, but very Professional 3. British Over Seas (B. O. S) 4. Bayview Academy (B. V.) 5. St. Paul's English high School Karachi 6. The Centre Of Advanced Studies (C. A. S) 7. Frobel Education Center 8. The Learning Tree 9. Bayview High School 10. The International School

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