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To vote a ______ ticket requires a knowledge of the qualifications of every candidate

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Rodney Fox on August 21, 2018

Correct answer: SPLIT TICKETA "split ticket" is when one person casts votes for candidates of different political parties for different positions for the election. For example, the voter may support a presidential candidate who is a Republican, but cast her / his vote to the congress of the Democratic candidates, the Voting of a split ticket requires a knowledge of the qualifications of each candidate, because you are going to vote according to each candidate's qualities and credentials, not only by the political party backing the candidate.The opposite of a "split ticket" is a "straight ticket" or "straight-party voting." This means that a voter selects all candidates for all offices on the ballot, according to the political party they represent. As well, a solidly Republican voter may cast a straight ticket for all the Republican candidates, or a committed Democrat could make directly a part of the voting for all Democrat candidates on the ballot. In this case, the voter is to support a particular party ideology, and therefore the coating with any and all candidates of that party.I would say that if the vote split ticket and straight ticket, as a voter you really should know the qualifications of each candidate for whom to vote. If a candidate belongs to the political party that they support in general, does that mean you still support that candidate, even if he or she has a minimum of requirements to serve in the office they seek? Or if the candidate's record is marred by scandal or questionable performance? A fraction of a ticket vote is supposed to be is judging each of the candidates in the candidate's individual merits. But even if voters opt for a straight ticket approach, the knowledge about the qualifications of the candidates remains important.

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