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To study of pH monitor and controller?

Deborah Edwards

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Rodney Fox on April 24, 2018

As I understand that that has ever asked this question,he/she means to ask how a pH meter/indicator works and the way in which the driver can control the pH being monitored/measured!. In general the pH of liqid is measured using the pH electrodes(the Glass and the Ref. one), These are immersed in the liquid and the liquid is stirred a bit to form/create a bridge of connection between the Ref.electrode of the union and the Glass electrode membrane junction having a very high impedance and a very small amount of current flowdue to the Hydogen Ion concentration of the liquid under measurement of the generation proportional milivolt signal.This signal is measured and is overall 54.1 milivolt per pH.The values of pf pH between 0 to 14, as number 7 means Neutral,0 to 6.99--is acidic and 7.0001 to 14 is Basic.. The control of the pH part is to add chemicals to the top of the liquid sample measured that was going to change the pH as required(The addition of substances that add Hydrogen Ions or subtract the same). (MORE)

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