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Tides are a result of A. currents in the ocean. B. strong winds in the equatorial regions. C. friction caused by the Earth's rotation. D. the gravitational attraction of the Sun and Moon

Bethany Evans

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1 answer

Alexa Spicer on October 21, 2018

The tides are the result of "the gravitational attraction of the Sun and the Moon".A particularly high tide (spring tide) occurs when the sun and the moon are in line and both pull a similar manner. Tides may seem simple at first glance, however, the intricate details of the tides stirred extraordinary logical intellectual authors of a considerable period of time even driven Galileo astray into a bunk theory. Today people realize that the pulls of gravitational between the earth, the moon and the sun to manage the tides. The moon, however, the effects of the tides of the majority. The moon the gravitational attraction of the earth is solid enough to pull from the seas in bulk. In the possibility of any different powers were affecting everything, coasts I was going to the meeting of the high tide of the day as the earth rotates on its axis and costs kept running into the seas " curvature to face the moon.

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