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This is the story of Europe as in the history of the World?

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on August 6, 2018

Not, European History focuses on how events are produced only in Europe. However, it is mentioned in other countries and what the Europeans did. For example, John Winthrop was English and went to America to found the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. As you can see, that intersects with the history of America, but in European History to be made on what took place in England, to get people to settle in America. In addition, European history intersects with the history of Africa because Europeans tried to gain parts of Africa for yourself, in the 1880-ies. In the history of the world was focused on how the events produced in the world. For example, World War II, and how the consequences of each nation. In European History, it would be like during the second World War conducted in Europe. In addition, the History of the World to pay more attention about when and how Islam, Buddhism and Christianity are religions. In European History, moreover, I would to Reforms and their impact on Europe.

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