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There is a professional development forum in my child’s school. Is there school today?

Today is a professional development day at my child’s school. I would like to know if this affects normal schooling. I enrolled my child in school this year and have never heard of this program. I would like to know a little more about this event i.e. the duration, the stakeholders, the purpose of this event, is there school today elsewhere? Also the value it brings to education quality. I just want to better understand why there may be no school today. Finally, I need help getting my kid’s school district number.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on January 26, 2018

There is no school on professional development days. Typically, the pupils will stay home for the duration of the event. This is usually less than a week long. Teachers report to their respective schools like they would on normal working days.

The stakeholders in this event are teachers, the school boards, local education organizations and the training personnel. These events however, do not affect schoolings in other institutions. They are school-specific and are arranged in accordance with an individual school’s schedule. There is school today elsewhere.

Professional development days are invaluable to the education sector. These events ensure that the teachers are up to date with current issues in their professions. Teachers keep gaining new knowledge during these forums.

Teachers learn a variety of valuable lessons that are relevant to their job. Below are the highlights:

  • Training on teaching technology: Education-related technologies are on the rise. Technology aids teachers in implementing their work. It helps them organize themselves individually and in instructing of students. Therefore, getting acquainted with new technologies in the sector is key in developing teaching and analytical qualities among teachers. This’ll guarantee an efficient learning process in schools.
  • Subject content update: Professional development days ensure that teachers are kept informed of the changes in their fields. This makes the teachers a good source of information to the students.
  • Teaching skills: Professional development of teaching staff provides teachers with a unique chance to learn and adopt current teaching skills that will boost their performance in the classroom.
  • Team education: Professional development is vital in addressing issues affecting the education sector at a wider level. It ensures that the education process is synchronized to the state curriculum.
  • Certification: Professional development is important in the training and certification of teachers in various courses.

In conclusion, there is no schooling today to pave the way for this important day. Professional development is vital in providing a versatile teaching workforce.
To get your school’s district number follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Department of Economic Development's Get Your Municipality website.
  2. Submit your street address, city and zip code, and click on "Find my Municipality".
  3. The municipality’s name, county name and school district will show on the screen.
  4. Use the school district name and the county name to get the school district code.
  5. Move through the list of counties to get the school district code for your address.

Eric Batesa year ago

This is a very informative answer. However, I would like to add tiny bits of information. These days occur during normal working routines because this is the time teachers will be able to gain most from these events. Were it to be held on a weekend, it would probably not be as effective and enriching to the teachers due to the relaxed atmosphere. Holding them on weekdays shows their importance hence making them serious programs.

Most professional days happen when a schooling term is almost done. This can be just before holidays. This is because decisions on professional days are made consultatively. It makes sense educationally to have these events when exams are finished.

However, some school districts arrange for these programs to take place before the beginning of a school year. On such days, it is better for a parent to make personal arrangements for their child.

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