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There are any good Lovebox 2018 tickets left?

I didn’t know whether I would be able to get to the fest in time before. Now, I have a bit of free time but don’t know whether Lovebox Saturday tickets are available. I want this exact day because I have no time on Friday and the Lovebox Saturday lineup is the best of them all. I listen to many Lovebox Saturday artists and it would be great to see them in person. So, does anyone have the information about Lovebox 2018 passes?

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on July 9, 2018

Unfortunately, the official website of 2018 Lovebox festival states that there are no more tickets for that day. You can buy only a pass for Friday for £69. However, I’m sure that not everything is lost yet. There are many other ways to get a ticket though I should warn you that you have to be careful and check whether the tickets you find are authentic.

So, there are quite a few resale options for Saturday Lovebox tickets. Yes, they cost more and you risk buying something fake, but you still can find them. My advice is to speak with the person who sells them or call the website. Ask many questions to determine whether the deal is a fraud. If the person has a business of buying the tickets and reselling them, I’ll understand it quickly. If they begin to be elusive and ask for something that is really unnecessary, finish the call and look for other options.

I agree that the Saturday lineup of Lovebox is way better. I also like most artists featured that day and would want to see them live. However, consider visiting the event on Friday. Try to take some time off. Besides, the main musicians will be featured in the evening. Friday Lovebox lineup is also good. SKEPTA will be there. I’m sure he can get us all moving. Though I’m not a great fan, I’ve heard several of his songs and enjoyed them.

Also, there will be Wu-Tang Clan in the evening. The website calls them the rap titans and I cannot disagree with the statement. They are the veterans of rap, the undeniable kings. Every person devoted to music has to listen to them at least ones in their life. There is no doubt that all Saturday Lovebox performers look up to them and would also like to see the band perform.

So, I suggest you take a closer look at Friday Lovebox artists and think about going one more time before those tickets are sold out too.  

Kurt Price11 months ago

Unfortunately, VIP tickets are all sold out as well. I thought at least some of them would be available for Saturday Lovebox performance. No such luck.

Though you mention resale options, I wouldn’t look for them. Sadly, I had a bad experience with this kind of risk and was very disappointed to be denied access to the biggest music festival of my life. Mind that the resale prices are always bigger. So, I had to give up a large sum of money for nothing, for the humiliation I experience at the entrance.

To my mind, it’s better to wait for the next year and buy the tickets at the official store. Even one day may cost you enough to regret the decision. Maybe, going it on Friday instead is not a bad advice after all. 

Kurt Price11 months ago

I know a good place to look for those Saturday Lovebox tickets.  This is a great service that offers real tickets. It is reliable, I’ve used it myself a few times. Though, you still have to hurry up. There are a few tickets left and they are in demand. Note that they vary in price depending on the sections and the view of the show you get.
Hurry because Lovebox Saturday performances are going to be really great and many people want to see them.

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