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"the world on turtle's back" is a creation myth because it focuses on characters whom the iroquois considered "gods." is an iroquoian story about people and animals who talk to each other. explains how the iroquois believe that the earth was created. describes iroquoian social and cultural values.

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on February 19, 2019

"the world on the turtles back" is a creation myth because it explains how the Iroquois believe that the earth was created.Throughout history, the belief of the Iroquois that both left-handed twin and the right-hand side of gemini are necessary to maintain the balance and harmony in the world is manifested. The presence of one requires the presence of the other to make sure that everything is in order and proportion. When good exists, evil exists too. You can't appreciate the goodness in life if one doesn't experience of his evil.

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