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The true conditional statement, "If 5x + 7 = 2x - 1, then 3x + 7 = -1," illustrates which property of equality? Addition Property of Equality Subtraction Property of Equality Multiplication Property of Equality Division Property of Equality

Ronald Miller

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Zach Chandler on March 27, 2019

Answer: The correct option is the second, that is to say, the Subtraction Property of Equality.Explanation:The given equation is,The Subtraction Property of Equality states that if a, b, and c are real numbers then, and are equivalent equations.With the Subtraction Property of Equality, we subtract 2x from both sides of the given equation,and Then combine the like terms,is the required equation.Therefore, the second option is the correct one.

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