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The table shows the predicted growth of a particular bacterium after various numbers of hours. Write an explicit formula for the sequence of the number of bacterium. A) an=24n+1 B) an=24n C) an=1/24n D) an=n+24 Download png

Kaitlin Dean

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1 answer

William Cain on January 2, 2018

In accordance with the table:n=1→a1=24n=2→a2=48n=3→a3=72n=4→a4=96n=5→a5=120With the first option, we would have:a1=24(1)+1=24+1→a1=25 to 24. The equation does not work with the second option, we would have:a1=24(1)→a1=24. The equation worksa2=24(2)→a2=48. The equation worksa3=24(3)→a3=72. The equation worksa4=24(4)→a4=96. The equation worksa5=24(5)→a5=120. The equation worksWith the third option, we would have:a1=(1/24)(1)(1*1)/24→a1=1/24 different to 24. The equation does not work with the fourth option, we would have:a1=1+24→a1=25 to 24. The equation does not workAnswer: Second Option: a=24n

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