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The sum of the areas of two circles is 80pi square meters. find the length of the radius of each circle if one of them is twice as long as the other

Victoria Fowler

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Amanda Johnson on July 12, 2018

Ok so the area of a circle=pir^2 if one is 2 times anotherthe radiouses arer and p2 are added to 80pi so pir^2+pi(2r)^2=80piundistribute pipi(r^2+(2r)^2)=80pidivide both sides of the pir^2+(2r)^2=80do the exponent(2r)^2=4r^2, so you haver^2+4r^2=80add as terms5r^2=80divide both sides by 5 r^2=16square root of both sidesr=42r=8radii are 4m 8m

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