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The spotlight on small business box "earning while learning" features students who

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on December 1, 2018

The center of attention in the small business box, "earning while learning" characteristics of the students, which turned a social passion into a business opportunity. It is more than a necessity, when we say "earn while you learn". It can be said that it is far beyond the poor economic conditions of the families to which they belong, on the basis of why go to college student decides to work while studying. One of the possibilities why a student wants to work, is because maybe students learn more while they work, in comparison with learning in the confines of the university classroom. From 1989 to 2008, a study says that 70 percent to 80 percent of undergraduate students were employed. He also noted that the students work if they are in high school or college; if you are rich or poor, or somewhere in between; if they are young and inexperienced or mature and experienced. It is really beneficial for the students to participate in internships and community-based projects that seem to lead students into jobs that offer new challenges, serve a social purpose, and provide opportunities for continuous learning.

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