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The severity of an electrical shock is dependant upon what three things? A. Amperage, duration of exposure, pathway of electricity through the body B. Current, voltage, amperage C. Voltage, duration of exposure, amount of resistance

Bethany Evans

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1 answer

Timothy Norman on March 31, 2018

The severity of an electric shock depends on the following factors: (a) Amperagei.e. the amount or the intensity of the electric current that passes through the body. A greater magnitude of the current, it does more harm. Large amount of current can cause that organ to burn and ultimately causing death.(b) the Duration of the exposureThe the duration of exposure to shocks is the second factor. If we are exposed to the shots for a longer duration, it will cause more damage in comparison to when the exposure is of short duration.c) the Pathway of the electrical current in the bodyPathway of the electric current of the subject matter. If the current passes through the body's vital organs and damages them, for example, the heart can lead to death. Therefore the choice of the question is the correct answer.

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