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The radius of the large sphere is double the radius of the small sphere. How many times is the volume of the large sphere than the small sphere?

Jodi Brooks

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Kristi Hammond on April 7, 2018

Given:the Radius of the large sphere: R1Volume sphere: V1Radius of the small sphere: R2Volume sphere: V2R1=2R2We know that:the Volume of a sphere: 4/3nR^3Volume of the large sphere: 4/3nR1^3Now we know that R1=2R2(since)the volume of the large sphere(V1) 32/3nR2^3.The volume of the small sphere(V2): 4/3nR2^3.Ratio of the volume of the large sphere to small sphere is 8:1.

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