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The Pullman strike in 1894 began when a. a workers’ delegation met with and was fired by George Pullman. b. a recession prompted the Pullman Company to lay off workers. c. the Pullman workers’ union voted for a wildcat strike. d. Pullman workers attempted to move out of the company town.

Cynthia Baker

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1 answer

Donald Ward on September 23, 2018

The correct answer is B, that a Recession prompted the Pullman Company to fire Workers. The Economic Depression of 1893 had a huge effect on the Pullman Palace Car Company. After the Economic Depression of the company to increase their hours of work, and reduce jobs and wages. These workers had the support of the American Railway Union, therefore, began the strike on May 11, 1894, under the leadership of Eugene V. Debs. This strike began with a boycott, which the Workers refused to run trains containing Pullman Car.

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