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The promotion of companies’ sustainably harvested rainforest products is intended to _______. a. produce cheaper products b. promote overconsumption c. give the company a competitive advantage d. produce more expensive products

Victoria Fowler

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1 answer

Timothy Norman on November 24, 2018

Answer;-to Give the company competitive advantageThe promotion of businesses sustainably harvested rain forest products is intended to give the company a competitive advantage. Explanation;-Competitive advantages are the conditions that allow a company or a country to produce a good or service of equal value, at a lower cost or in a more desirable fashion. These conditions allow the production apparatus of the entity to generate more sales or margins at the top compared to their commercial competitors. -Competitive advantages are attributed to a variety of factors, including the cost structure, the brand, the quality of the supply of products, distribution network, intellectual property, and customer service. A company of the ability to produce a good or service more efficiently than its competitors, which leads to higher profit margins, creates a comparative advantage.

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