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The presence of velázquez’s self-portrait in las meninas indicates that the painter ________. a. was vain b. wanted artists to be of high status c. disliked the king d. really painted the work e. was handsome

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Amanda Johnson on August 10, 2018

It is said, that the King Philp asked Diego Velázquez put himself in the painting. He does not have an image of the artist and wanted one for himself. This is the reason why he was in the paint. The painting "Las Meninas" is considered his best work of art. Of the choices given above, B, is going to be the correct answer. The image began as a painting of the king of the queen, they are indeed in the photo, but only one is shown in the mirror behind the painter himself. The artist had to paint what the King Philp IV and Queen Mariana of Austria saw was the painting. The painting was completed in 1865.

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