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The most widely accepted theory among scientists is that the last place humans migrated to was the Americas. Europe. South Asia. Australia.

Jeremy Wood

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1 answer

Daniel King on August 6, 2018

The correct answer is: the Americas.The Americas starting from the known and discovered until now are, by far, the most recent of the continents that were settled by the people. Although it is not yet clear exactly when this happened is in the range between 19,000 and 12,000 years ago as the largest die and smallest number given by the scientists. It is understandable that despite the fact that people find it difficult to migrate in this part of the world, as he was cut off by an ocean and the only way they could migrate, was by the Land Bridge of the Bering, which was actually an ice bridge between the continents, and extremely inhospitable place. It is also the case of large carnivores in North America as a factor that slows down the migration, and of course, the course of the ice age that covered large portions of North America with glaciers, ice and snow.

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