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The main reason people moved to cities during the gilded age was to get jobs in factories and corporate headquarters. to enable their children to attend universities there. to discover and create new technologies. to enjoy different cultural events.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on March 10, 2018

Answer;-To obtain jobs in the factories and corporate headquarters.Explanation;-The age of gold occurred in the second half of the Industrial revolution. The Industrial revolution had profound effects on society as a whole. The great wealth accumulated by the factory owners, bankers, investors, etc, Meanwhile, the average skilled workers were being replaced by factory workers. -These new changes means that there is more overall production and less money paid to the general public. To your time it became more efficient to live in an urban environment. Factory products were cheap and readily available. Employment from factories which dominated urban landscape at the time was more practical than trying to manufacture by hand in other environments.

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