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The level of competition least beneficial to business owners is oligopoly. monopoly. pure competition. monopolistic competition. ______ An example of horizontal consolidation is when a bank acquires a company that produces vaults. purchases a share of the U.S. Treasury. divides into two new banks. combines with another bank. _______ Monopolistic competition is a market structure that has few competitive firms with the same products. many sellers with differentiated products. a perfectly elastic demand curve. one seller. _______ The level of competition most beneficial to consumers is oligopoly. monopoly. pure competition. monopolistic competition. _______ In a specific industry, two dominant firms work together to set prices. We call this competition. collusion. market dominance. market influence. _______ A firm's purpose in nonprice competition is to produce at the lowest cost possible. encourage other firms to cooperate in setting prices. establish extensive control of their particular market. distinguish their products from those of other companies."

Jennifer Patterson

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1 answer

Samantha Barber on October 31, 2018

Let me complete this answer for you. 1) the Monopoly is the answer, because it is the type of market that gives you the control to many peple in a sector, and that would be bad for the owner of a business. 2) when the bank acquires another bank is a horizontal action of consolidation. 3) a monopoly is a market with many sellers with differentiated products and has a inelastic the demand curve. 4)The one that saves the consumer a lot of money is the Monopoly, although in the long run it is more beneficial. 5) When two dominant-set prices in set is called collusion, and that happens when you make some of the arrangements. and 6) The main purpose is to differentiate their products from those of other undertakings, so that the company can be established in the first places of the market

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