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The illustration represents a part of which of the following types of biochemicals?

Donald Ward

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1 answer

1 answer

Brandon Scott on September 13, 2018

I just took this test homie, but it might be too late here are the answers1. aldehyde2.polystyrene3.A4.lipid5.protiens6. peptide bond7. nucliec acids8. hemoglobin9. dipetide10. butyne11.-CH2-CCl2-12. Are isomers13. six faces ring14. monosaccaride15. CH3-CH2-CH2-CH = CH216. polyatic acid17. CH3-CO-O-CH318. CH3-CH=CH -CH319.copolymer20. 4So, the answer to your question is the number 7 (nucliec acids) by the way, if you are in k12 please post your tests, so that all do not have to search like crazy for the answers and as I did.

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