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The hydrosphere and lithosphere meet _____. on mountaintops inside glaciers at volcanoes along shorelines

Heather Maxwell

in Geography

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1 answer

Deborah Edwards on June 3, 2018

along the coasts of In the first place, look at the definitions of the involved. the hydrosphere - the water on the surface of the earth, such as lakes and seas. lithosphere - The rigid outer part of the earth's crust. Now look at the options available to you: on the tops of the mountains * Water bodies are not very common in the tops of the mountains. It is not a good option. in the interior of the glaciers * In the interior of the glaciers? Not to touch the earth, but a lot of ice in their place. Also it is not a good option. in the volcanoes * There is a lot of water here either. Bad choice. along the coasts of * Sounds good. The boundary between the water and the land. This is the correct answer.

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