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The Great Schism of 1378 differed from the one in 1054 because it was based on a power struggle. it divided the eastern and western churches. it split the center of the papacy between east and west. it raised questions regarding the authority of monarchs.

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on January 4, 2018

The Great Schism of 1378 to divide the center of the papacy between the east and the west.The schism of 1378 is also sometimes known as the western Schism. There were competing popes claiming the authority of that office and the loyalty of the Catholics in Europe. The schism began in the years that followed the Avignon period of the papacy, when the pope's headquarters had been moved from Rome to the borders of France.The Great Schism of 1054 includes theological issues, but also was a power struggle in the church that led to mutual declarations of the excommunication of the pope in Rome and the patriarch of Constantinople. It divided the western church (the Roman Catholic Church) of what is known as the Eastern Orthodox Church. "Catholic" means " universal-the Roman, the pope had the intention to assert his leadership over all Christianity. "Orthodox" means "right teaching." The patriarch to the East and the church were asserting their teachings to be right against the positions held in the West. There were a number of doctrinal issues hotly debated between East and West, in the centuries leading up to the split in the year 1054. But more than anything, that divide also came down to the "church's power" - who held control over the church.

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