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The following diagram shows the path of a planet around the Sun. Kepler discovered that _____. area B = area C the distance from P1 to P2 is half the distance from P6 to P1 area A = area D the speed in the interval from P3 to P4 equals the speed in the interval from P4 to P5 Download png

Jennifer Patterson

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1 answer

1 answer

Ashley Howard on June 23, 2018

The correct answer is:B area = area CWe can solve this problem through the use of laws of Kepler's planetary motion. There are threeKepler the laws. In this exercise, we will use the second law. According to this law, a line segment joining a planet and the sun sweeps out areas is equal to that during the equal intervals of time. Thus, a certain planet sweeps out an area of B at the point P3 to P4 in a time interval t. On the other hand, for the same time interval t, the planet sweeps out an area of C from the point P4 to P5, which is equal to the previous area according to the second law of kepler.

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